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Whether for traditional law enforcement badges, vehicle emblems, or any number of buckle-style items, the brass badge is in demand across a broad spectrum of industries. Depending on what the customer’s vision of the end product, a brass badge can be plated with additional metals, color coated, glazed with epoxy or finished with any number of expert techniques to achieve whatever appearance and texture is desired. But that is just one reason to choose a brass badge design over another type of metal, plastic or synthetic material.

Another reason is practicality. Brass is among the most versatile of decorative emblem materials, is highly cost effective and can withstand numerous treatments and finishes without ever damaging the metal. When it comes time to design and manufacture your own brass badges, we hope you will consider contacting KEE Group USA.

American–Based Brass Badge Distribution & Customer Services

If your company, agency or organization has designed a custom brass badge and is in need of a maker to supply them, you may be under the impression that only international manufacturers offer this service; that means odd business hours, language barriers and other hassles. Rest assured, this is not the case with KEE Group USA. We are a brass badge manufacturer with operations in the United States, shipping worldwide to any organization that understands the value of our high quality products.

Chances are, you have already heard of us; after all, our company is a well known interface technology manufacturer with reputable, highly rated international facilities. However, many aren't aware that we also operate an American division, KEE Group USA, at our home in Brea, CA. From there, we distribute routine shipments of the products that organizations like yours need: keypads, overlays, brass badges, and others.

American-Based Customer Service

We also furnish our customers with an outstanding, American-based customer service department. This reliable resource can efficiently address your needs; our service representatives are friendly, English speaking, and highly knowledgeable about our products.

With KEE Group USA, you can work with a domestically-based service center - in other words, a reliable liaison between your company and our facilities in China - when it comes time to replenish your brass badge inventory. Some of the most in-demand industry/agency categories in the nation, trust us to supply them with brass badges, including:

  • Law enforcement
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Tourism
  • Beyond the Brass Badge: Our Other Specialty Products

Of course, our range of specialty products far exceeds the brass badge. If your operation requires rubber keypads, membrane switches, graphic overlays, or decorative plastic molding, you can rely on KEE Group USA to help you find what you need.

For Brass Badges Contact KEE Group USA

For more information on obtaining brass badges, including ordering, shipping, and customer service inquiries, please contact KEE Group USA today. Our Brea office can be reached toll free at (877) 504-9169, or locally at (714) 695-9638. If you like, feel free to reach us by filling out the contact form. A knowledgeable member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.

A membrane keypad is, arguably, the preferred keypad of today’s product makers. Whether they are used for remote controls, calculating devices, laptop computers, microwave ovens, larger kitchen appliances or washing machines and dryers, membrane keypads and rubber keypad are among the most popular human interface in manufacturing.

Unlike keypads that feature separate, moving parts that require a heavy pushing motion in order to be activated, keypad membrane buttons are momentary contact pressure pads that require far less effort to activate. They are also preferable to traditional “button” keypads because of their smoother outlines and symbols, which are printed on a flat, visually appealing surface. The sleeker, more uniform design of membrane keypads is appealing to the modern consumer in terms of aesthetics, tactility, and ease of use; plus, their sealed surface (normally a polycarbonate, polyester or vinyl overlay), ensures their waterproof character.

Keypad Membrane Products Distributed In The USA

As a result, international manufacturers are choosing membrane keypads for some of their most popular products. One of the most common upgrades that products receive is a keypad upgrade, and that often involves switching the keypad to a membrane format. But if you're a domestic manufacturer in need of a keypad membrane shipment, it may be hard to find a U.S. distributor – and that can be discouraging. Fortunately, there is an American company that specializes in providing product makers of all sizes with items like membrane keypads and membrane switches: KEE Group USA.

About KEE Group USA

Perhaps you have heard of us; our parent corporation, KEE Group, is one of the best known international makers of interface technology. But in order to effectively serve the domestic B2B consumer, KEE Group operates an American division, KEE Group USA, in Brea, CA. With KEE Group USA, you are guaranteed a domestically-based service center that acts as a reliable liaison between your company and our facilities in China.

This can be very helpful when it comes time to replenish your membrane keypad supply. Because we have friendly, knowledgeable sales representatives in every region of the United States, answers to your product questions, customer service concerns and order inquiries are just a phone call away.

Membrane Keypads Suppliers – KEE Group USA

Who else has utilized KEE Group USA to fulfill the keypad needs of their products? Some of the most prestigious names in American manufacturing, including:

  • General Electric
  • Frigidaire
  • Major auto makers

Of course, our range of specialty products far exceeds the keypad membrane market. If your operation requires rubber keypads, membrane switches, graphic overlays or decorative plastic molding for any type of product, you can rely on KEE Group USA to make the components you need.

To Place a Keypad Membrane Order, Contact KEE Group USA Now

To discuss the specific membrane keypad needs of your products, contact KEE Group USA at (714) 695-9638, toll-free at (877) 504-9169, or by contact form if you wish to receive a call from a knowledgeable representative in your region.

Custom silicone rubberized keypads are an inexpensive and reliable interface solution for many applications. A rubber keypad offers design flexibility with a wide range of appearance, feel and function. Environmental sealing ribs, light pipes and other attributes can be incorporated into the keypad’s design. They can provide the tactile feedback and contact closure or be used in conjunction with metal or polyester domes.

Silicon Rubber Keypad Design Options

  • Tactile, non-tactile
  • Key profile, travel and force
  • Backlit
  • Environmentally sealed

Conductive Options

  • Molded conductive pill in carbon from 1.5mm to 10mm in diameter. Silver, gold and oval shapes are also available.
  • Printed conductive pills can be used for irregular shaped contacts, such as "ring" for LED backlighting in individual keys.


  • Screen printed
  • Painted and laser etched

Chemical and Wear Resistant Coatings

  • Silicone spray overcoat doubles the abrasion resistance of printed graphics.
  • Polyurethane spray coating increases abrasion resistance of graphics by 20X.
  • Clear epoxy deposition on key tops for a hard plastic feel or lens effect.
  • Parylene coating for resistance to most chemicals.

Silicone rubber keypads are among the most common features found in modern household electronics. They are considered to be an economical and highly reliable user interface solution, and can be used in almost all types of electronic and mechanical applications. There are several design options for rubberized silicone keypads, which attributes to the flexibility of the rubber material that is used.

How These Rubber Keypads Work?

Silicone rubber keypads work by creating momentary contact once a particular key or button is pressed. The contact is then disconnected when the pressure of the key or button is released. The key or button returns to its neutral position once the pressure is released.

A silicone rubber keypad is commonly found on remote controls and on control panels of various electronic household products such as television sets, audio and video products, electronic toys and as a user interface for numerous types of industrial equipment. Most of today's mobile phones and hand held remotes use silicone keypads as means to manipulate and access certain features of the device.

The markings of silicone keypads are used to identify the function of certain buttons or key. They are mainly printed, etched on the button or key of the device. Rubberized silicone keypads are very durable and are known to be resistant to certain chemicals. They have wear resistant coatings, which makes them more resistant to wear and tear.

For Rubber Keypads Contact KEE Group USA

If your products are designed to feature functional and aesthetically attractive rubber keypads, contact KEE Group USA to inquire about what we can do for you. We will be glad to answer your keypad questions. Contact us at (714) 695-9638/(714) 695-0632 for immediate service or toll-free at (877) 504-9169, or feel free to reach us by contact form.

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