Why Badges and Emblems Matter

Badges and emblems are something that display the name of your company or brand – and emanate high-quality. Whether you are selling a vehicle, golf clubs or even appliances, the style and quality of your emblem will say a lot about how you value your products. Using cheap or poor-quality plastics only tell clients that when it comes to branding your products, you are not willing to spend. If however, you use brass badges to adorn your products, you can create the appearance of superior quality.

How to Ensure Your Badges and Emblems are High Quality

To get the most out of your purchase, there are three key things you will want to consider when ordering badges or emblems from a manufacturer:

  1. Choices – You want customizable options for your badges. After all, if a company cannot create your brand or has limited design choices, that means your branding is also limited.
  2. Metal Quality – Top-quality brass is best for emblems. Cheap brass shows cut marks, scratches and can reflect poor quality workmanship.
  3. Embossing Options – The quality of embossing is important too. You want a company that uses the latest technology for better-looking images and even clearer words.

If you need badges or emblems for your products, contact a sales professional at KEE Group USA today. We can help you with your badge order. We only use the finest brass materials and our company employs the latest technology and printing to give you a brand that is extraordinary no matter what type of product it is on.

Top 3 Factors When Designing a Membrane Switch

Membrane switch technology is ideal for any industry looking to create user-interface components and technology. They can be implemented in a large variety of products and applications. With their thinner design, they enhance a user

How the Right Membrane Switch Manufacturers Add Value to Your Product

Not all membrane switch manufacturers were created equally. If you need to produce membrane switches or rubber keypads, the caliber of manufacturer you select directly plays a role in the quality of your product. KEE Group USA has been providing switches and keypads to companies around the world for years. Our reputation for excellence resonates through the products currently on the market today – all manufactured by our company.

How a Manufacturer Influences Product Value

The company you choose to manufacture your membrane switches has a great deal of influence over your products because:

  • The quality of materials they use determine the durability and overall appearance of your membrane switches.
  • The quality of testing they perform will determine how accurate and useful your product is.
  • Their mold design will determine how your product feels.
  • Their capabilities determine your purchasing costs – which will drive your consumer purchase price.
  • Their caliber of engineers will determine overall functionality and capabilities.

KEE Group USA offers high-quality membrane switch products and rubber keypads. You can get a free estimate from our team today or contact us to learn more about our quality control process.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Rubber Keypad

Rubber keypads are used in a variety of industries – from medical to household and even industrial. It is amazing just how often they are used. The beauty of these products is that they are easier to clean and more sanitary than regular keyboards – making them ideal in a variety of applications.

To get the most out of your rubber keypad, there are some things you can do to customize it, including:

  • Use graphics – Graphics can erase the need for a second layer within the rubber keypad, and are ideal for low-profile switches.
  • Protective films – these cover the keypad and offer an additional layer of protection. They can also prevent tampering.
  • Faceplates – this helps the keypad work in any environment and can make it more applicable in sterile environments.
  • Backlights – for keys that need lighting, these will enhance the color, tone and placement of the light so that users can see just what buttons they are pushing.

KEE Group USA can customize your rubber keypad so that it is as functional and beautiful as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our rubber keypad products.

Dos and Don

Designing your own keypad comes with some benefits

What Can Badges and Emblems be Used For?

Brass badges and emblems are not just for professional services; in fact, they are used by numerous manufacturers as a way to represent their brand. If you have a product, do not discount the power of a badge. Whether it is truly made from metal or it is made from plastic and metal-coated, badges make a powerful statement and help your brand stand out

Every Day Products KEE Group USA Has Been Involved in Making

The products you use every day in your home may have components made by KEE Group USA. As the country

Is a Membrane Switch Waterproof?

Electronics today have numerous uses and most of those electronics rely on membrane switches in order to work. That means that in some cases, these membrane switches could be exposed to water or liquid solvents of some kind. When it comes to product durability, failure is not an option and some companies need switches that can work in waterproof environments, such as medical facilities, military operations or even exteriors.

In order for your business to avoid disaster, you need an electrical component that is durable and can hold up to the elements. The good news is, with proper design, you can create a waterproof membrane switch.

Understanding the Basic Design of a Membrane Switch

A rubber membrane switch uses a compression-molded rubber that contains conductive carbon pills. These items are already well known for their exceptional resistance and they can even withstand extreme temperatures and daily wear and tear with ease. Also, rubber is one of the most inexpensive switch materials – especially when you compare the per piece factors. But, these do require excess tooling – so to get the most effective cost, you need to order these items in bulk.

Creating Waterproof Switch Components

A marine or outdoor environment will need something that is waterproof. Medical and healthcare professionals need something that can stand up to sanitizing agents, bodily fluids and liquids.

To create a waterproof membrane switch, engineers will need to understand the unique challenges of these industries so that they can create a seal that is fast and effective.

Once a waterproof design is created, the benefits are endless. Just some of the things you can expect include:

  • A watertight seal that is resistant to even the slightest amount of moisture.
  • Normal operation even after water has been introduced.
  • Durable for years of use and years of water exposure.
  • Simple to use, retrofit and install.
  • Protected circuits so that they are not exposed to the elements.

If you are looking for a waterproof membrane switch, contact the experts at KEE Group USA. Our engineers can help create that watertight seal for your keypads and switches to ensure maximum durability even in the harshest working environments.

The Uses for Intelligent Capacitive Switches

Conventional tactile switches have their limitations, which is why capacitive switches have grown in popularity over the past few years. They

Common Applications for Membrane Switches

There are plenty of ways to use membrane switches and numerous industries that do use them. But, there are some more common uses than others. At KEE Group USA, we can customize a membrane switch to the specifications of your project