Capacitive switches are unique sensing technologies that use an electrical field to detect the presence of a conducting object or human finger. They are truly remarkable and highly sensitive. When a conductive object enters their field, the switch recognizes that conduction and will then indicate an action — based on what was specified. Capacitive switches are used in a variety of industries and products, and they offer numerous benefits that you may not realize.

Flexible Touch Screen Capabilities

Capacitive switches are thin and highly flexible. They can be added to flat, curved and concaved surfaces. They can be used to sense everything from a human finger to metal to another conductive material. When you order capacitive products from KEE Group USA, you get more flexibility than traditional switch varieties — which helps you take your products to the next level.

Additional Options Available

Want to have a backlight added to your product? Capacitive switches are highly versatile. From adding backlights to using indicator programming, there is no limit to how far you can take your product.

Highly Durable

Capacitive switches are extremely durable. They offer an airtight seal, which means they can be washed, they are moisture-resistant and surface contaminants will not impact its effectiveness.

Cost Effective

By replacing expensive glass and using a thick, capacitive plastic, you can save on production costs.

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