Membrane switches provide your copper and plastic mechanical switches with superior protection from the elements. They can be used for telecommunications, aviation and even military operations. At KEE Group USA, membrane switches are one of our more popular products – and for good reason.

The Advantages of KEE Group USA Membrane Switches

  • Availability – We have a large inventory of membrane switches and if you need a custom-designed switch, we can provide you with that quickly.
  • Economical - We strive to make your production needs as cost-effective as possible. We still use high-quality materials and expert technology, but we still make the overall purchase economical for any use.
  • Reliability - Our products have been tested hundreds of times for durability and reliability. We know that this is an investment, so we want you to get a maximum return on that investment.
  • Compatibility - We can design our membrane switches to work with any type of switch component.
  • Customizable - Need a specific overlay or printing technique? KEE Group USA is able to customize the appearance of your membrane switches to suit your product specifications.

Learn more about the advantages of our products, especially our membrane switches, by contacting a KEE Group USA representative today.