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Why Badges and Emblems Matter

Badges and emblems are something that display the name of your company or brand – and emanate high-quality. Whether you are selling a vehicle, golf clubs or even appliances, the style and quality of your emblem will say a lot about how you value your products. Using cheap or poor-quality plastics only tell clients that  Continue Reading »

Top 3 Factors When Designing a Membrane Switch

Membrane switch technology is ideal for any industry looking to create user-interface components and technology. They can be implemented in a large variety of products and applications. With their thinner design, they enhance a user

How the Right Membrane Switch Manufacturers Add Value to Your Product

Not all membrane switch manufacturers were created equally. If you need to produce membrane switches or rubber keypads, the caliber of manufacturer you select directly plays a role in the quality of your product. KEE Group USA has been providing switches and keypads to companies around the world for years. Our reputation for excellence resonates  Continue Reading »

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Rubber Keypad

Rubber keypads are used in a variety of industries – from medical to household and even industrial. It is amazing just how often they are used. The beauty of these products is that they are easier to clean and more sanitary than regular keyboards – making them ideal in a variety of applications. To get  Continue Reading »

Dos and Don

Designing your own keypad comes with some benefits

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