Membrane switch manufacturing has come a long way. Today, manufacturers can add detailed features, including custom backlighting, which help your products stand out. Whether you are using switches for medical instruments, fitness centers or even aviation, the customizations at your fingertips give you more flexibility with your product design.

Backlighting Options for Membrane Switches

Integrating a backlighting solution starts at the engineering phase. You will need to work closely with your manufacturer, specifying what type of backlight you want on your product. The best solution will also depend on your budget, presentation, any environmental requirements you may have as well as the operating life of the product.

There are two types of lighting commonly used on membrane switches: LED and fiber optics.

Why LEDs?

LED lights are cost-effective and are more efficient at lighting areas without bleeding into others. They also offer a longer shelf life and decreased component cost than other types of lighting. LEDs are a more flexible and thin solution too — giving you more flexibility with manufacturing. If you want a product with maximum brightness, you may find LEDs offer better quality brightness than other lights.

Why Fiber Optics?

Some companies are turning to the use of fiber optic lighting for their membrane switch products. They offer low power, longer life and are excellent for the environment. But, if your project has a strict budget, you may not find fiber optics as cost-effective.

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