Not all membrane switch manufacturers were created equally. If you need to produce membrane switches or rubber keypads, the caliber of manufacturer you select directly plays a role in the quality of your product. KEE Group USA has been providing switches and keypads to companies around the world for years. Our reputation for excellence resonates through the products currently on the market today – all manufactured by our company.

How a Manufacturer Influences Product Value

The company you choose to manufacture your membrane switches has a great deal of influence over your products because:

  • The quality of materials they use determine the durability and overall appearance of your membrane switches.
  • The quality of testing they perform will determine how accurate and useful your product is.
  • Their mold design will determine how your product feels.
  • Their capabilities determine your purchasing costs – which will drive your consumer purchase price.
  • Their caliber of engineers will determine overall functionality and capabilities.

KEE Group USA offers high-quality membrane switch products and rubber keypads. You can get a free estimate from our team today or contact us to learn more about our quality control process.