Electronics today have numerous uses and most of those electronics rely on membrane switches in order to work. That means that in some cases, these membrane switches could be exposed to water or liquid solvents of some kind. When it comes to product durability, failure is not an option and some companies need switches that can work in waterproof environments, such as medical facilities, military operations or even exteriors.

In order for your business to avoid disaster, you need an electrical component that is durable and can hold up to the elements. The good news is, with proper design, you can create a waterproof membrane switch.

Understanding the Basic Design of a Membrane Switch

A rubber membrane switch uses a compression-molded rubber that contains conductive carbon pills. These items are already well known for their exceptional resistance and they can even withstand extreme temperatures and daily wear and tear with ease. Also, rubber is one of the most inexpensive switch materials – especially when you compare the per piece factors. But, these do require excess tooling – so to get the most effective cost, you need to order these items in bulk.

Creating Waterproof Switch Components

A marine or outdoor environment will need something that is waterproof. Medical and healthcare professionals need something that can stand up to sanitizing agents, bodily fluids and liquids.

To create a waterproof membrane switch, engineers will need to understand the unique challenges of these industries so that they can create a seal that is fast and effective.

Once a waterproof design is created, the benefits are endless. Just some of the things you can expect include:

  • A watertight seal that is resistant to even the slightest amount of moisture.
  • Normal operation even after water has been introduced.
  • Durable for years of use and years of water exposure.
  • Simple to use, retrofit and install.
  • Protected circuits so that they are not exposed to the elements.

If you are looking for a waterproof membrane switch, contact the experts at KEE Group USA. Our engineers can help create that watertight seal for your keypads and switches to ensure maximum durability even in the harshest working environments.