Keypad membranes are not just for decoration. In fact, the key benefit to them is that they can make your small electronic switches more durable. Whether it is someone spilling a drink on top of them or being exposed to the elements, a small piece of rubber membrane can protect the electronic components from liquids seeping in and destroying them.

Imagine a TV remote without any soft keys and rubber layers protecting the buttons? Without that keypad membrane, those remotes would have broken buttons, food particles and even dust and grime built up underneath the switches – and most likely would last a homeowner a month max before needing replacement. But, because of the membrane, these remotes last for years and just need a quick wipe up after spills.

Protection is only one of the many benefits of a keypad membrane. KEE Group USA offers keypad membranes for your products to ensure they are durable enough for all sorts of conditions and consumers. Unlike other types of switch covers, membranes keep the contaminants out – so your product works longer.

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