How Customized Rubber Keypads Make Your Product Stand Out

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Reasons to Choose KEE Group for Your Sealed Switches

Sealed switches are a critical component of your product. They keep moisture, dust and debris from interfering with the intricate components underneath – and that is not a product you should put in the hands of just any type of manufacturer.

KEE Group USA has been providing membrane switches and rubber keypad products for years. We feature the latest technology, clean room capacity, and the ability to manufacture as little or as many sealed switches as your company needs. If that is not reason enough, here are a few more reasons to consider KEE Group USA over the competition:

  1. We have solid distribution operations that can send your switches where they need to be.
  2. Our advanced technology allows us to manufacture quickly and meet hard deadlines – without ever sacrificing quality.
  3. We can do tactile and non-tactile switches.
  4. Our switches are the most durable in the industry and are environmentally sound. In fact, we can create switches that hold up to temperatures of 221 degrees Fahrenheit and are waterproof.

If you are shopping around for a manufacturer for your sealed switches, contact the team at KEE Group USA first. Our representatives can create a no obligation estimate and you can see for yourself why we are the manufacturer of choice for U.S. and international companies alike.

8 Ways to Improve Your Rubber Keypad Design

Designing a custom rubber keypad takes a lot of work. Most importantly, you must have something that is user-friendly. If you are thinking about redesigning your existing pads or you are designing a new one, here are eight tips to improve your keypad

Metal Nameplates – A Use for Every Product

Nameplates are an essential component of your company

Keypad Membranes: Do You Know What Covers Your Switches?

Keypad membranes are not just for decoration. In fact, the key benefit to them is that they can make your small electronic switches more durable. Whether it is someone spilling a drink on top of them or being exposed to the elements, a small piece of rubber membrane can protect the electronic components from liquids seeping in and destroying them.

Imagine a TV remote without any soft keys and rubber layers protecting the buttons? Without that keypad membrane, those remotes would have broken buttons, food particles and even dust and grime built up underneath the switches – and most likely would last a homeowner a month max before needing replacement. But, because of the membrane, these remotes last for years and just need a quick wipe up after spills.

Protection is only one of the many benefits of a keypad membrane. KEE Group USA offers keypad membranes for your products to ensure they are durable enough for all sorts of conditions and consumers. Unlike other types of switch covers, membranes keep the contaminants out – so your product works longer.

Learn more about keypad membranes or the capabilities of KEE Group USA by contacting one of our sales representatives today.

Benefits of In Mold Decoration

In mold decoration offers more design flexibility and can boost productivity versus other mold methods. KEE Group USA offers in mold decoration for our products that can help boost the creativity and flexibility of your designs.

What are the Benefits of IMD?

  • More Colors, Effects, and Textures

Selecting and Designing the Right Membrane Keypad

Membrane keypads can stand up to tougher environments than traditional keypads. They are more flexible, durable, and can even be customized to your specifications. These keyboard products can be made as tactile or non-tactile and they can be easily integrated with other components.

Why Use Membrane Keypads?

Membrane keypads offer more durability than traditional keypads. Because they have a low profile, they can be applied to products that regular keypads could not. They also are more versatile

Brass Badges Give Your Products a Competitive Edge

Brass badges are commonly used for identification of people, but they can also be used in home appliances, electronics, medical equipment, automotive and even golfing. These decorative plates can be made from brass as well as non-metal materials to give a decorative, powerful effect to your products.

Electroform Badges

These are ideal for industrial computers, laptops, remote control and other home entertainment components. Some of consumers

The Value of a Quality Membrane Switch Manufacturer

Before you can assess the value of a membrane switch manufacturer, you need to understand what a membrane switch does. A membrane switch is flexible and composed of multiple layers. It can include a graphic overlay, flexible static layer, spacer layer, circuit, and more.

Membrane switches are cost-effective and a reliable alternative to plastic or metal switches. Because dust and moisture cannot penetrate into the circuitry, they are much less likely to break due to exposure than metal and plastic switches are.

Choosing the Right Membrane Switch Manufacturer

The success of a membrane switch is based on the manufacturer. When selecting a manufacturer for your product order, you want to be highly selective. While price is important

Tips for Designing Badges and Emblems that Catch the Eye

You are designing your badge or emblem. While it may sound like an easy enough task, you would be surprised how difficult doing so can be. After all, the one you design will represent your brand, business or even your service; therefore, it has to be perfect. So, before you finalize or even put pen to paper, consider some of these tips for designing a great badge or emblem from the start.

Visual Double Entendres

Some of the most eye-catching badges out there use visual double entendre. That means two pictures are wrapped together as one to create an illusion. Such as an upside down wineglass that also looks like a push pin. This type of design is clever, fun and definitely memorable.

Color is Key

Splashes of color can really enhance your brass badge. Choose your color palette based on your company