Ordering Brass Emblems? A Few Things to Consider

From a commercial standpoint, brass emblems can help you establish your brand identity. But, only if you take it seriously. To get the right message across, you need to hire the right manufacturer for your brass emblems. While there are a lot to choose from these days, you can quickly identify who will provide your company with a quality product just by considering these main factors.

Design Options and Choices

Brass emblems should be as unique as your company. So, don

Why Choose KEE Group USA for Your Rubber Keypads?

Rubber keypads have a lot of uses. But, in order to maximize the potential of these components, you need a quality manufacturer. KEE Group USA is the leader in rubber keypad design and manufacturing.

We offer multiple design options – from colors to coating options to laser etching. But, there are other reasons we are rated high in customer satisfaction. So, if you are looking for a new manufacturer for 2015, here are a few reasons to choose KEE Group USA.

Exceptional Quality

We only use the best equipment and materials to create our rubber keypad products. By doing so we are able to deliver durable, consistent products every time.

Competitive Pricing

Pricing is at the forefront of most operations. You want a competitive price that helps you create your products without sacrificing your budget. KEE Group offers high-quality manufacturing standards while still keeping our operational costs low. That means lower pricing for our clients.

Expert Design

Our in-house engineers offer design expertise and assistance. We can create a keypad design using your specifications, add additional features and more.

Contact KEE Group USA Today

We strive to help our clients receive the quality products they need to complete their projects. Call KEE Group USA today for a quote or to learn more about our process.

Key Factors for Hiring a Mirror Overlay Manufacturer

Mirror overlays benefit multiple industries. But, to get the most out of your investment, you need to work with a reputable supplier. When looking for a manufacturer for your mirror overlays and related products, there are a few key factors to consider.

Pick Someone that Operates Like a Manufacturer

A company should manufacture what they sell. Many mirror overlay companies don

Advantages of KEE Group Membrane Switches

Membrane switches provide your copper and plastic mechanical switches with superior protection from the elements. They can be used for telecommunications, aviation and even military operations. At KEE Group USA, membrane switches are one of our more popular products – and for good reason.

The Advantages of KEE Group USA Membrane Switches

  • Availability – We have a large inventory of membrane switches and if you need a custom-designed switch, we can provide you with that quickly.
  • Economical - We strive to make your production needs as cost-effective as possible. We still use high-quality materials and expert technology, but we still make the overall purchase economical for any use.
  • Reliability - Our products have been tested hundreds of times for durability and reliability. We know that this is an investment, so we want you to get a maximum return on that investment.
  • Compatibility - We can design our membrane switches to work with any type of switch component.
  • Customizable - Need a specific overlay or printing technique? KEE Group USA is able to customize the appearance of your membrane switches to suit your product specifications.

Learn more about the advantages of our products, especially our membrane switches, by contacting a KEE Group USA representative today.

Keypad Membranes: Chemical and Water Resistant for Multiple Uses

Rubber keypad membranes offer more versatility than other types of keypads. They

New Year

This New Year consider your products as part of your resolutions. While you ultimately want to increase your bottom line and boost sales, remember that revenue comes from quality. At KEE Group USA, we want to help you achieve significant savings without sacrificing quality, by offering our services to you as part of your New Year

How to Choose the Right Material for Your Membrane Switch

Membrane switches can be made in a variety of materials and often the right material comes down to the needs of the customer. It is best to have your engineer at KEE Group USA review your blueprint to determine what type of graphic overlay will be used and then decide what type of material will make up the main membrane switch components.

Non-Tactile Uses

A non-tactile switch is more widely used and is more reliable than a tactile switch. They are also more economical to create, because they do not require as much high-end material to produce. There is a disadvantage to these types of membrane switches though, and that is that the non-tactile designs do not receive direct feedback.

Tactile Uses

Tactile membrane switches are more like traditional buttons and have that

The Capabilities of a Rubber Keypad

A rubber keypad is designed around your specific needs. Whether you need specialty molds, laser etching or in-house graphics and overlays, there is no limit to how your keypad can be created. Rubber keypads are also the wave of the future, offering more durability and options than any other type of keypad. So, it is no wonder they are quickly becoming one of the more popular items for numerous industries.

Rubber keypads are one of the most common for household electronics, including remotes and other items that see extensive use and need to endure years of wear.

Industries Commonly Using Rubber Keypads

There are a variety of industries that use rubber keypads, but some of the most popular include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Technology
  • Medical Industries and Devices
  • Laboratory Equipment and Instruments
  • Automotive Manufacturers
  • Consumer Electronics and Devices
  • Industrial Businesses

To make your keypad waterproof, you can add a variety of coatings, including silicone, polyurethane, clear epoxy and parylene coatings.

Want to Learn More?

KEE Group USA can help create a customized rubbery keypad that is designed to your specifications. Whether you need your keypads for aviation or you are looking to install them on fitness equipment, our team of experts will help you from concept to completion.

5 Reasons to Consider KEE Group for Your Brass Badges

At KEE Group, we handle a variety of products. But, one we are most proud of is that of our brass badge and emblem collections. We understand the importance of a quality badge, which is why we work hard to establish ourselves as an industry leader and most importantly, create badges you or your organization can be proud of.

While we know there are plenty of manufacturers to choose from, we believe KEE Group USA is the best choice for your company because:

  1. We Don

Are Keypad Membranes Waterproof?

In certain industries, such as marine or medical, there is a need for a waterproof keypad. If the user