Why the Medical Industry Uses Membrane Switches

Membrane switches are still the ideal choice for medical instruments in hospitals and medical facilities around the country. They are used on handheld medical devices, portable equipment and other medical tools that require a high degree of use and visibility. KEE Group USA creates high-quality membrane switches for numerous industries, including medical professionals.

  • Better Graphics – Membrane switches offers a graphic overlay between the product and user. It helps define a switch, can be color-coded for maximum efficiency, and is resistant to the environment.
  • Sanitary

The Benefits of In Mold Decoration

You are always on the lookout for the next thing that will give your company a competitive edge. After all, that edge is what can establish your value when it comes to your customers and new business opportunities. Using advanced technology is one of the best ways to gain that edge. In mold decoration can be used to create high-quality goods with creative solutions that reduce your costs and expand your branding opportunities.

In mold decoration brings a new list of advantages to the table — including substantial cost savings. So if your company is on the fence about in-mold, consider some of these benefits:

  • Decorative Capabilities – In mold decoration, such as that offered by KEE Group USA, opens the door to a wide variety of decorative options, messages and print capabilities. Your products can be taken to a new level of sophistication using IMD.
  • Quality – In mold decoration provides a higher level of quality opposed to pad printing or hand-painting. Also, from an economic stand point, the process is faster with IMD, which means lowerproduction costs.
  • Overall Cost – IMD has proven its cost efficiency year after year. For most companies, the cost of IMD shows itself almost immediately in terms of better quality, faster production and larger production scales.

KEE Group USA offers unique in mold decoration options that can take your business and products to the next level. While the process of IMD may be complex, the benefits are not. You can learn more about IMD services provided by KEE Group USA by contacting one of our experts today.

Why a Rubber Keypad? The Benefits of Using Rubber Keypads on Your Products

Keypads are a common fixture on manifolds and devices. They are used to operate products in offices, appliances, and consumer products. Traditional keypads, once made of plastic, are now being replaced by rubber keypads. But, what made manufacturers switch to rubber over plastic? Aside from their diversity and durability, there are numerous benefits to using a rubber keypad on your products versus plastic.

They Are Resistant to Water and Soil

Plastic and traditional keypads were not designed for wear and tear. Once damaged by water or other soil, they become unresponsive and must be replaced. A rubber keypad, on the other hand, is designed to be water resistant and soil resistant, making them highly durable.

Wear and Tear Ready

Rubber keypads won

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