Sealed switches are a critical component of your product. They keep moisture, dust and debris from interfering with the intricate components underneath – and that is not a product you should put in the hands of just any type of manufacturer.

KEE Group USA has been providing membrane switches and rubber keypad products for years. We feature the latest technology, clean room capacity, and the ability to manufacture as little or as many sealed switches as your company needs. If that is not reason enough, here are a few more reasons to consider KEE Group USA over the competition:

  1. We have solid distribution operations that can send your switches where they need to be.
  2. Our advanced technology allows us to manufacture quickly and meet hard deadlines – without ever sacrificing quality.
  3. We can do tactile and non-tactile switches.
  4. Our switches are the most durable in the industry and are environmentally sound. In fact, we can create switches that hold up to temperatures of 221 degrees Fahrenheit and are waterproof.

If you are shopping around for a manufacturer for your sealed switches, contact the team at KEE Group USA first. Our representatives can create a no obligation estimate and you can see for yourself why we are the manufacturer of choice for U.S. and international companies alike.