The banking industry is constantly evolving, which means banks need to constantly find new and innovative ways to keep up with their fast-paced, high-demand customers. So, it is no wonder that more banks and financial institutions are switching to the use of silicone rubber keypads to help improve their efficiency and shorten the wait time for their customers.

Rubber Keypads are Task Oriented

The use of 10-key and 16-key is no longer applicable to the modern banking institution. In fact, now bank tellers use keypads that are task-oriented. When they push a function button, it takes them to a program on their screen. For example, a teller can push a button to take them to a scan feature for depositing checks or verifying identification of a customer.

They Can Be Customized

Rubber keypads are 100 percent customizable to the banking industry. The design and programming can be tailored to each employee and their specific tasks as well.


While bank tellers may not have a lot of face-to-face interactions with customers, they still use their computer systems and other banking systems throughout the day. Rubber keypads are highly durable and can withstand numerous uses without fading or breaking down.

More financial institutions are turning to the use of rubber keypads for their day-to-day operations. KEE Group USA is a proud supplier of rubber and silicone keypad products to financial institutions, medical companies and electronics developers. Speak to a representative today to learn more about how rubber keypads can improve your business.