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Brass Badges Give Your Products a Competitive Edge

Brass badges are commonly used for identification of people, but they can also be used in home appliances, electronics, medical equipment, automotive and even golfing. These decorative plates can be made from brass as well as non-metal materials to give a decorative, powerful effect to your products. Electroform Badges These are ideal for industrial computers,  Continue Reading »

Tips for Designing Badges and Emblems that Catch the Eye

You are designing your badge or emblem. While it may sound like an easy enough task, you would be surprised how difficult doing so can be. After all, the one you design will represent your brand, business or even your service; therefore, it has to be perfect. So, before you finalize or even put pen  Continue Reading »

Ordering Brass Emblems? A Few Things to Consider

From a commercial standpoint, brass emblems can help you establish your brand identity. But, only if you take it seriously. To get the right message across, you need to hire the right manufacturer for your brass emblems. While there are a lot to choose from these days, you can quickly identify who will provide your  Continue Reading »

5 Reasons to Consider KEE Group for Your Brass Badges

At KEE Group, we handle a variety of products. But, one we are most proud of is that of our brass badge and emblem collections. We understand the importance of a quality badge, which is why we work hard to establish ourselves as an industry leader and most importantly, create badges you or your organization  Continue Reading »

How Brass Badges Can Increase Your Business

Badges and nameplates are not just for branding – they are also for marketing. Using the right style of badges can actually increase your business, making your brand more recognizable and giving clients a reminder to come back and use your service again. Also, with the holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect  Continue Reading »