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Benefits of In Mold Decoration

In mold decoration offers more design flexibility and can boost productivity versus other mold methods. KEE Group USA offers in mold decoration for our products that can help boost the creativity and flexibility of your designs. What are the Benefits of IMD? More Colors, Effects, and Textures

Advances in In-Mold Decoration Technology Mean More Opportunities for You

In-mold decorations have come a long way. This technology that was once out of reach for simple products has become attainable for even small inventors. In-mold decoration, the process of decorating plastic components during the plastic injection cycle helps labels and designs become a part of the final product. With the latest advances in in-mold  Continue Reading »

The Benefits of In Mold Decoration

You are always on the lookout for the next thing that will give your company a competitive edge. After all, that edge is what can establish your value when it comes to your customers and new business opportunities. Using advanced technology is one of the best ways to gain that edge. In mold decoration can  Continue Reading »

What is Hybrid Assembly?

Great question! It

Why Use IMD on Your Plastic Products?