Rubber keypads are used in a variety of industries – from medical to household and even industrial. It is amazing just how often they are used. The beauty of these products is that they are easier to clean and more sanitary than regular keyboards – making them ideal in a variety of applications.

To get the most out of your rubber keypad, there are some things you can do to customize it, including:

  • Use graphics – Graphics can erase the need for a second layer within the rubber keypad, and are ideal for low-profile switches.
  • Protective films – these cover the keypad and offer an additional layer of protection. They can also prevent tampering.
  • Faceplates – this helps the keypad work in any environment and can make it more applicable in sterile environments.
  • Backlights – for keys that need lighting, these will enhance the color, tone and placement of the light so that users can see just what buttons they are pushing.

KEE Group USA can customize your rubber keypad so that it is as functional and beautiful as possible. Contact us today to learn more about our rubber keypad products.