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Word from KEE Group Chairman

Time flies, and we have arrived at the end of 2023, December, a month that welcomes festivals and the new year.  2023 most of the industries have experienced more or less "Algorithm error" this year!! People thought that the epidemic was over, and recovery would definitely follow. However, in 2023 we have experienced a more bizarre and unpredictable year.  In such an environment, how fast you can see the difference and how soon you can make correcting on changes are the critical success factors. 

KEE's position in the industry supply chain is an industry that desperately needs "advanced management".  To ensure that the needs of customers are met, KEE needs to be even more cautious about its own supply chain management and internal rapid response mechanism. "Right first time" is the fundamental.

Fortunately, KEE has accumulated 58 years of continuous innovative technology, a stable management team and the support of investors along the way, allowing us to overcome difficulties again and again always.  No matter how difficult the environment is, it can't hinder our technological advancement and management transformations.
Dear friends, we all know that "hard work may not necessarily lead to success", but we also know that "if you don't work hard, you will never succeed." Let's remove "impossible" from our mind.  The reason why people can be is "believe in being able", and the reason why people are able is "wanting to be able". Let us aim at the goal and work hard to move forward and take off again.

Let’s together, Keep Exceeding Expectations Create beautiful things for all to see!!
KEE Group Chairman
Emily Fang




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