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Feb. -The Kunshan government approved KEE compliance with COVID-19 management standards and prioritized

the resumption of manufacturing.

Sep. -Successfully phased in self-development automation equipment for IML/IME technology to achieve unmanned

injection workstation for IML/IME product.


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  Apr. - Major shareholder SONEM sold all shares to ChangShi and JiaShi.  SONEM exit from KEE.

  Aug. - New KEE Group become a private company.

  Nov. - New KEE Group start operation. All existing services and agreements remain unchanged.




 Strategic alliance with BASO PRECISION OPTICS LTD. in optical lenses business.

 Construction of new building for resource recovery, research development and mold production.

  Apr. – Passed China Securities Regulatory Commission IPO audit.

 Aug. – Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, PR China  (A-share).

  Sept. – Distingushed guest on the appreciation banquet held at Sovereign Hotel in Kunshan City.

  PR China.

  Sept. – Science and Technology Department , Department of Finance , the State Taxation Bureau and

  local Taxation Bureau of Jiangsu Province, China awarded KEE high-tech enterprise technical


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