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Membrane Switch

A control panel that has integrated components yet thin; and flexible in design options are what makes membrane switch a smart choice for many. It replaces mechanical switches, saves valuable PCB space, and is an easy one-piece assembly.

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Hybrid Assembly

KEE Group specializes in user interface products and product identification. We can assist you in the coordination of your design and product development.

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Rubber Keypads

A silicone keypad is ideal for higher key heights, soft touch feel and most often used behind front housing. It is cost effective and can be paired with a membrane switch or a PCB.

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Capacitive Switch Film

Our newest development is the KEE Touch TM capacitive product line. This design uses the capacitance of the human finger to detect a touch, thereby activating the electrode to send a signal.

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In-Mold Decoration

IMD has rapidly become the decorative process of choice for top OEMs and designers in the past few years, as they have realized its many advantages.

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Decorative Plastic Molding

Injection molding is a way of creating products from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics. It is ideal for high volumes, high production rates, and parts with tight tolerances.

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Badges & Emblems

Create visibility for your product and highlight your logo by means of a badge or emblem. We offer endless design possibilities and ideas.

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Graphic Overlay

Graphic overlays are a great way to make your product stand out. Not only it is cost effective but it is also allows for creativity in design.

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