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Badges & Emblems

Because they are the one feature on the product that displays the name of your brand, badges and emblems should emanate elegance and reflect the high quality with which you want to be associated. That is why the production of these nameplates should never be left to a standard printing service; instead, they should be manufactured by a company that specializes in creating polished, professional emblems for brands representing all types of industries. Here is why KEE Group USA should be that company.

Badges and Emblems – Why KEE Group USA?

  • KEE Group USA specializes in creating badges and emblems for companies the world over – high quality, brand specific nameplates that are always made in the USA. From brass or embossed and from plastic to plated, we create emblems that are designed with the materials you request, for the appearance and texture you want. Our unique badge and emblem material options include aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate, polyester, injection molded plastic – and of course, brass.

Brass Badges: The Possibilities are Endless

Brass badges are in high demand, when you consider the wide range of industries that use them: law enforcement, automobile manufacturing, sports merchandise production and more. The good news is, brass is arguably the most adaptable – and, affordable – metal to embellish with decorative elements, such as colors and finishes.

For example, the brass on your badges and emblems can be plated with additional metals to assume the appearance of silver, color coated for the purpose of displaying a particular design, or glazed with epoxy for a luscious sheen. Brass badges don’t have to look like they sound; they can look any way you want them to, with a little imagination.

  • Design Options for Badges and Emblems

  • Once you have chosen a base material for your badges or emblems, there are numerous ways we can carry out your design preferences. Our design options for badges and emblems include a wide range of treatments and finishes, including:

    • Color coated embossing
    • Polyurethane doming, for a clear, raised effect
    • Silkscreen printing of your unique graphic design
    • Spray painting over a stenciled design
    • Forming, electroforming, die casting or forging
    • Diamond cutting, for color over a mirrored background
    • Etching of your design or logo into the metal
    • Anodizing, to add a reflective quality to colored metal
    • Hair lining
    • Creating a spin pattern
    • Creating a laser effect
    • Adding adhesive or insert backings – choose from foam adhesive, insert + foam adhesive or insert + acrylic adhesive


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