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  Membrane Switches
             1.  Materials:Copper,plastic and etc.
             2. Buttons:Plastic,metal,or rubber buttons
        3.  Features: Sturdy and durable, suitable for diverse environments, momentary contact with touch-sensitive capabilities
             4.  Manufacturing Process: Crafted with precision thin film and plastic, printed, cut, and laminated
             5.  Touch Activation: When fingertip touch is applied to the switch's surface, it activates with low voltage and low current, enabling easy on/off functionality
             6.  Interface: Smooth cover typically comprising a graphic overlay that can be flat or embossed
             7.  Protection: The cover acts as a seal for the switch, safeguarding it from contamination by indoor and outdoor elements
  Our power buttons come in various forms and can be customized to suit your specific requirements. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, providing dependable      power control solutions for your devices. No matter which type of power button you need, we can deliver high-quality products to meet your needs.
  Membrane Switch Keypads – Application
  Membrane switches are crucial components   in   microprocessor-based  control  systems,  commonly   used   in   medical devices,  telecommunication systems, industrial
  instrumentation, and household appliances. They are favored for their sterility-friendly sealed design, making them easy to clean and suitable for various applications, from 
  life-saving medical equipment to everyday household appliances.
  Our Advantage
  KEE Group, an international interface manufacturer with distribution operations in the United States, manufactures sealed membrane keypads and switches that are durable,
  environmentally sound and able to withstand high temperatures. We can furnish your products with switches that can hold up to temperatures of 221 degrees Fahrenheit. All
  of our sealed switches are designed to be waterproof, unless otherwise specified.
  Types of Membrane Switches
  Tactile –
  Tactile membrane switches are reminiscent of traditional buttons due to their noticeable "snapping" action, providing user feedback. The most common type is the conductive 
  stainless steel snap dome, often eliminating the need for an additional flexible upper circuit layer, which can be cost-effective. To enhance panel durability, a backing layer is
  usually integrated into the tactile switch design. If a softer tactility is preferred, a polydome (polyester dome) can replace the metal dome without compromising reliability.
  Non-tactile –
  Non-tactile switches are more prevalent due to their reliability and cost-effectiveness, but they lack direct user feedback. This feedback can be provided through backlighting
  with  LEDs, EL,  or fiber  optic  indicators  when  needed.  Non-tactile  switches  offer  customization  options  in  terms  of  shape  and  size,  which  many manufacturers find  
  Mixed panels – 
  Mixed panels, which are keypads that combine both the tactile and non-tactile variety, are occasionally submitted as a customization request from our customers. Kee Group 
  USA can certainly accommodate this demand when it is requested.

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